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Friday Roundup #4

Well, I am back on track with a Friday Update being posted on a Friday.  Being at home every night this week has been great for the crochet, but made me wish for an air-conditioned hotel room.  Can’t have everything I guess.  But thankfully, the heat dies down a bit towards the end of the week and gave some welcome respite.

I also benefitted from a half day today, so that was a nice treat.  But it went by so quickly. 😦

It has meant though, I have managed to do quite a lot of Jo Creates Lucy’s Lucky Shells shawl.  I am almost on the last section of the body, and hope to start on the final ending borders this weekend.  Which means next week I can block it, just in time to take it with me on a little break to Devon and give to the lucky recipient.

So next Friday you should see pictures of the finished shawl.  Here is one of the WIP. It’s under artificial light so, not the best picture.  But really coming along.


Edit: I have just taken a better picture.



The walk last weekend was lovely, what with the sunny weather.  We started earlier in the day, so it was not too overbearing in the heat.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This weekend, it’s to the shops for last minute clothes shopping for the holiday.  And Sunday, I think another walk, shorter than the past ones of 14km, finishing up with a swim and lazing on the beach maybe, before the weather turns back to normal for Britain and we get some much needed rain by the looks of the forecasts.

The tubs are doing pretty well and have filled out lovely.  Much better than last year’s attempt.  I love these little Long, red flowers in the second photo in the top row.  They remind me of little faces of mice or something similar.


I don’t think my tomatoes are going to be anything special this year.  I really wasn’t prepared and the soil is rubbish really, so they are quite leggy.   We shall see.  I was late getting them in, so if the weather is kind, I shall have a crop when I get back from holiday.

Lastly, we have a little visitor to the garden at the moment.  He’s only young and snuffles around at night.  The dogs, being old, don’t hear or see him thankfully.  Their history with hedgehogs is not good; for them usually.  The hedgehogs get away uninjured.

Anyway, have a lovely weekend.



Thought I would take a picture of those little flowers I think look like little faces. Maybe not mice, but cute little faces.


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