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Sunday post of Friday Update #3

I know it’s not Friday, but I couldn’t post then as I wanted to wait until I had more of the below work completed.  So, here I am, a week and a little bit later and section 1 and 2 is complete and now on Section 3.  This is a lovely and easy pattern to follow and works up fairly quickly.


This weekend I am hoping to get a third of the way through this section.  Luckily I am mainly working from home this week and no overnights anywhere, so this will be a focus each night.

Early on, the first couple of rows I was thinking that the colour was not going to work.  But now there is more to it, I am quite pleased. Watch out for next weekends post to see how I am getting on.

My never ending granny square blanket has not moved on much since last week; on the back burner until I have finished my pattern testing project for Jo.  But it is one of those WIPs that you can just pick up and put down.  Plus, in this heat we are having, draping a blanket over my legs as I crochet is not high on my agenda.

As to the weaving, that too has not moved on either.  What with getting ready for the walking holiday with 14km walks each weekend and just fitting in everything else and the pattern test, I have little time for anything else.

Here are a few images from last weeks walk along the South Wales Coastal Path.  We have some amazing beaches along this coast.  A real hidden gem.  And this weather we are enjoying is wonderful for beach days and preparing us for walking in an Italian summer.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Is it just me, or can anyone else see the faces  and the profile in the cliff?  The brain has a knack of looking for facial patterns.

In one of the fields there was loads of wool lying around. It was so tempting to pick it up, but the other half would not have been happy.  I didn’t have a carrier bag anyway.  But I did sneak a bit, which I shall wash and try and spin into a little bit of yarn for inclusion in a bit of weaving maybe.

Until next time.


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