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Leather Sneakers: The Stitch Up, Part 1

Do you like the title? I probably had about five or six different ones, before settling on this. So, in this post, I hope to convey how the process went for stitching these sneakers together, problems or roadblocks I came up against, and how I moved past them to the final completed pair of sneakers.… Continue reading Leather Sneakers: The Stitch Up, Part 1

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SneakerKit: Unpacking the box!

It’s exciting to receive the SneakerKit box. I ordered it last weekend, so given everything that’s going on, and this coming from the Netherlands, it’s quite fast. The package looks nothing special, but I like that. It’s all cardboard and brown paper bag. The only exception being the small plastic bags around a couple of… Continue reading SneakerKit: Unpacking the box!

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Friday Roundup #18-20

It’s all very exciting! Guess what has arrived today. Yaaay!!! I’m waiting for two more items to arrive tomorrow (deliveries permitting) and I’ll do a full grand opening and review of the contents. I should be able to make these in a day (other half permitting!). So, let’s say two. I have at least shopped… Continue reading Friday Roundup #18-20