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Twill be done

Back to the loom this week, whilst I have a break from crochet and tapestry loom. I wanted to get some of the mercerised 3/2 cotton started, else I know it will sit in stash.

I had a look back a some patterns I had done, and the first one I looked at, I thought would work. But I was then looking at some twill in one of the weaving books and thought I’d do that instead.

So, the loom got its warp of all blue yarn. I sleyed the heddles (two 10 dent) and added a pickup stick and a heddle rod. I settled on a returning 1/3 twill.

And here we are.

I did start this Saturday but I wasn’t happy with the beginning and I had forgotten to add some floating selvedges. I used the light silvery colour instead of the blue of the warp. In my head I figured it would be a good reminder of ‘over the edge, then under at the exit’ and it has. Plus it is edging the pattern nicely.

You need this extra when weaving twill as the latter weft doesn’t always catch the edge warp. Without it you have to do some manipulation to make it work.

I’ve done that before and it’s a pain.

Here is the reverse side.

While I was doing this, the other half decided to make some Gazpacho. He did a pretty good job.

I do need to take better photos of food.

Have a great week.

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