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Lilac shawl and other things

The shawl is now complete and all blocked. It’s turned out a good size at 78 inches along the long side.

The pattern is from Gosyo a Japanese website. They have quite a lot of knit and crochet patterns on there.

Stacey got to wear a T-shirt because it showed up the pattern better.

The yarn is from Bergere de France. I picked it up a while ago and it’s sat in stash. So at least most has been used now. Still have about three balls left.

I had to frog this when I had finished it. I just completed the edging and noticed two of the pattern shells were out of line. 😬 So out came the edge, a row of single crochets, a row of pattern end, then two rows of the pattern. 😢

Took me maybe 90 minutes to redo. At least it wasn’t in the middle and only noticed at the end.

I was asked for a picture of the old girl in here backpack. So here you go!

I present the Queen of Sheba being carried by one of her minions (Me!)

We also went on a walk yesterday. This time along our coast path. Just a few pictures. The cliffs here are the same Jurassic rock formation as on the south coast around Dorset.

Cute little lambs.
Beautiful blue skies
Shame the water looks murky at the moment.
If you zoom into the picture top centre you can see the old fence suspended. This is a recent rock fall.

5 thoughts on “Lilac shawl and other things

  1. That’s a good backpack. Tully (15 yo mini JRT) has a cross shoulder bag where she can dry off and watch the world for a bit but I had to put a flat bottom in it.

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