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More fun with twill

Well, after my Twill adventures which used four shafts on my rigid heddle loom, I was all fired up and ready to challenge myself again.

This time, played around with iWeaveIt to design and the threading and and treadling. I’m sure if I searched I might find the draft I have designed, but you never know.

It took a little time to thread the heddles. And this time, rather than a heddle rod, I added a third heddle instead.

So, on the loom I have three heddles plus a pick up stick for the fourth heddle. There was a lot of being bent over to ensure I was threading the right holes and slots, and to ensure that no slot had more than two warp threads.

My draft is Tromp as Writ, which is where the threading is replicated in the treadling, or essentially how I weave.

So, here is the start.

And, for those interested to see this in action, here is a video for one repeat.

No spoken audio, just the sound of weaving.

Please excuse the moment I catch the tripod and jog the filming.

All being well, I’ll have this finished for the weekend. So, look out for more updates.

7 thoughts on “More fun with twill

  1. 🤪 Now this is why I love owning woven stuff but it’s one of the few things I’ve not had the manic urge to go out and try! 😄 I’ll leave it to you who know what you’re doing 😊

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  2. Having just got around to watching your video, I was fascinated to see how you position the weft at an angle. When I was a child with a toy loom, I would pull the weft tight and the fabric would get too narrow in the middle. So I decided I was no good at it. Now I have a better idea of what I should have done.

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    1. They recommend about 45 degrees or you can do a curve like an frown. Either way, as you press the pick into place, the extra weft in the shed allows it to bend up and under the warp. And hopefully prevent it drawing in, although you always get a little.

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