I’m jammin’

Every other week or so, I add to the freezer a couple of bits of fruit, mainly strawberries as they tend to go over before you get to eat them all.

Today, I had sufficient to make three jars of mixed fruit jam.

I measured equal quantities of fruit to jam sugar, although my scales ran out of battery at the last moment. I had been planning to add some alternative sugars to reduce the pure sugar content and make it a little healthier. But the scales turned against me.

Three jam jars full of gorgeous, delicious jam, ready to spread on buttered toast. 😋

Have a lovely day!

13 thoughts on “I’m jammin’

    1. I was tempted to throw in to chopped apple, but it might mess with the levels of pectin from the jam sugar. Best stick with jellies for apples. So, I would consider most soft fruits if I thought the flavours world work ok. My dominant fruit tends to be strawberries to at times.


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