Stained Glass

First Make of the New Year

Yesterday, I mentioned I would be posting again today. And here it is.

I had been planning to warp the loom. Currently, I am designing one of the spaces in the new house, and planning to weave some fabric to make a lampshade. I have the colours I need, but not the design or amount of fabric required planned out yet.

So, I thought, why not get something made with all that glass I purchased last year.

I doodled on some paper, what I might make. Something simple. I’ve not done this glass craft for at least 7 months. And didn’t want anything too complex or challenging. A simple landscape scene came to mind and I roughly drew what I needed.

Next, I checked the glass to see what I had. Thankfully there are two types of green, two types of blue and a yellow. Plus some amber coloured for a frame.

To make sure my edges for the sketch are straight, I quickly added a frame from four thin rectangles using PowerPoint, printed that and then freehand drew the scene inside the shape.

Here is the final sketch all cut up.

Things went ok, but some pieces turned out slightly wrong in size. That needed remedying and some fine cutting and shaping.

Our utility area has a high worktop a nearby sink and also power, plus great ventilation. So, ideal as a workspace.

Some of the gaps that appeared presented some challenges with soldering. And getting used to the soldering iron again took time. But I got there in the end after multiple corrections to pointy or sharp pieces of solder, edges etc. At some point I had to stop and accept it would not be perfect.

And here is the finished make. It just needs eyes adding for hanging, or a block cut for a stand.

I can see I need to brush up on my cutting skills, which will help with the soldering process. But overall, I am pleased with this first attempt after a long break. And it was a nice diversion from weaving.

Have a lovely day.

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