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Happy New Year

Hello, you lovely people. I hope you have all been able to have some form of celebration despite COVID-19, socially distanced of course and within government guidelines.

While the last year has been challenging, there has been many things that we have enjoyed, in part, due to lockdowns. I’ll be looking back on last year in a later post, because I just wasn’t prepared today!

But, given it is Friday, I normally would be starting the new Friday Roundups. However, I have been doing those for about two and half years now. I feel the need to shake things up for 2021, do things differently. So, there won’t be the regular Friday post anymore.

Often I would save things up for Friday, despite me completing them early in the week. Or I would post to IG, but not to my blog. Or sometimes, I may be short of things to update you on, but I didn’t want to miss a Friday post. I don’t need that sense or urgency or pressure in 2021.

I’m not sure how it’s going to go or look yet. That’s my task for this week. So, until the next post, enjoy this first day of the year.

🤫 Psst! There’s a post coming tomorrow 😉

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