Proper Winter Fayre

I’m talking about a good stew or casserole. In this case lamb. This was at the request of the other half, wanting a stew, and rather than beef, I plumped for lamb. Our local supermarket had some neck fillet suitable for long, slow cooking. I added to that two lamb chops. I don’t work to… Continue reading Proper Winter Fayre


I’m jammin’

Every other week or so, I add to the freezer a couple of bits of fruit, mainly strawberries as they tend to go over before you get to eat them all. Today, I had sufficient to make three jars of mixed fruit jam. I measured equal quantities of fruit to jam sugar, although my scales… Continue reading I’m jammin’

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Friday Roundup #49-20

Ok. Going to try and keep this short. It’s late, not normally an issue, but my eyes are seriously tired today. I even kind of napped earlier which is not like me. For those not on IG, I posted Thursday nights dinner. Chicken, Mushroom, Pea and Asparagus Risotto As Sarah (mildlygranola) rightly pointed out on… Continue reading Friday Roundup #49-20