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Friday Roundup #42-20

Roughly zero time spent on any craft this week. Although I did twist the fringe on the overshot scarf/shawl. I took my time. But finally finished today and gave it a wet finish and laid out to dry.

Before I finished I had to correct a right near the end warp float. With it being near the end, I could pull out the offending warp thread and pull back through correctly.

Mid fix

The last bit was the issue of only three threads on the sides. To do a proper twisted fringe you need four threads; twist two, then the other two, the twist together in the opposite direction. If you only have three it looks odd.

Three threads
Tie a fourth tightly
Twist and done

Lastly, it needs the loose end trimmed tightly to the weaving.

Here are some finished pictures.

It’s on sale now. Priced lower than I would if it were a perfect finish. Unfortunately the light was not on my side, so I need to do some better ones tomorrow. plus, I just noticed an annoying thread or something hanging off Stacey.

Hoping to add some new warp to the loom tomorrow. But I first need to cut some more fabric to allow me to make two cushion covers. Nothing complex, just an envelope opening type.

Have a great weekend!

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