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Fresh off the loom

I am sure you are keen to see the shawl/scarf now that the weaving part is finished. So, here you go. Apologies for the poor lighting. Nights are drawing in!

There is still fringe twisting (by hand 😔) and a wet finish.

I am really pleased with it. But also, seeing the odd thing that will bug me. But hey, first time and in the tutorial this is meant to be sampler, half the width and a third of the length. Now you know, I don’t do things easy!

Here is front and back. You might be able to see my bugbear.

Many lessons learnt in this journey.

More updates to follow later this week.

8 thoughts on “Fresh off the loom

  1. Jamie, this is gorgeous!
    Yes I think I see the “bugbear”, in case you are referring to the first set of stars from the bottom (you know, it looks like the exact last pick in the picture in the first post on this project), but honestly I doubt anyone is going to notice!
    I am going to check out your other posts, I’ve been slacking for the past few weeks and have a lot to catch up with!


    1. Ah, that one I did on purpose so that it matched. I think I either over or under tensioned towards the end or didn’t beat the weft the same so there is more spacing in the last foot or so. Annoying but not much I can do about it now. It will be a “seconds” .


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