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Friday Roundup #31-20

Here we are, one week into our holidays, but I still have until Monday when I go back to work. Tomorrow we head to Dinan for the next week. Located a little further inland, it is close to the Sea with a drive.


Rounding off our visit to Deauville, I have some pictures from the sunset on Thursday. I like how these impromptu snaps worked with silhouettes in the foreground. I usually avoid people in pictures, from a privacy standpoint, moreso when they are younger, although these lads were mid to late teens, and disguised in the silhouetting from the sunset.

I like their activity throwing up sprays of water against the backdrop of the dramatic orange sunset. The third is a short video of the sunset and waves lapping against the shore, with two others enjoying the water and chatting as the sun goes down. Volume up and lose yourself in the sound of waves.

Batteries of Mont Canisy

We visited one of the gun emplacements from the war, remains of the ingress of the Nazi war machine into France. It was interesting to see and to stand where those soldiers will have seen the might of the Allied Forces filling the wide bay of the Normandy Landings. You can see why this area was chosen as the landing point. A wide open coastline, flat beaches and land. Although many lost their lives or were injured, we are forever indebted to them and those that survived for their sacrifice and efforts to end the war.

Looking out from inside one of the gun emplacements. Trees now obscuring the view.
Just beyond the headland would be Sword, then Juno, with Gold, Omaha and Utah far off in the distance as the coast curves round to the right. Enlarge the picture to see the scale of the landscape.

Back on the land behind are craters left from the shelling the British Navy made on this section, all much overgrown. There are some naturalised sweet peas flowering amongst the brush.

In the afternoon, we made some lunch and headed to the beach. The temperature was climbing towards 30C so we rented a parasol and shade and relaxed on the sand. Unfortunately we were late getting there, so there were no views as we were at the back ☹️.

Holiday Crochet

As to the crochet, it is coming along well with me now on the sixth repeat and now into the lighter shade before the full sand colour kicks in.

After this one, I then have a further four repeats before I add the border.

Have a great weekend.

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