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Friday Roundup #29-20

This past week has been a little quiet on the crafting front. Mainly due to my head being zoned out on VAT changes. So many things to update, check, audit and communicate. I must have been in at least 3 or 4 hours of calls on Friday last week and Monday, preparing and planning.

Joy of joys, we have to do it all again in 6 months time.

I posted the sneakers today. I added the pink laces in case a change is desired. Fingers crossed they fit.

Today I finally managed to get my hair cut. Our barbers in Wales only reopened on Monday. It feels like a weight has been lifted. Plus, I am pleased they can get back to work as many will have found the past few months a challenge. My barber said he would probably work the rest of the year without any holidays, to catch up.

I did but some yarn this week – whoops!

It’s a cotton and bamboo mix, lovely and soft. And I liked the silver and steel blue colours. These will be woven. I was about to add this to the loom, but I found that the calculations were slightly off; differences in the heddle I have and that in the calculator, by 0.5. Makes a difference to the actual width and I didn’t want to compromise if the width. So, I have purchased two more balls. I was probably not thinking right when I brought them in the week.

Instead, I added some leftover yarn from the Lost Garden blanket, to try out some colour n weave pattern.

Not sure if it’s working and I don’t have a picture because it’s dark here now and the overhead light is bleaching the colour out.

My glass coaster is going in the kiln today, so I plan to pick both pieces up on Wednesday.


I saw these beautiful poppies on the road side when driving past our local school. I had to walk back down from the house to snap them. The red is so rich.

The iPhone is a bit lacking in the colour as they are a little darker in the flesh.

Also, this week I had to pop the wee little dog to the eye clinic for a check up on the corneal ulcer and calcium deposits. She is stable thankfully, but still needs drops. Four per day! At least that’s better than six.

When there, I snapped these teasels.

Popular with needs and birds, these used to be used to raise the nap on finished cloth. Although, checking in Google, I found a site that mentions a specific species of teasel, and not this one which is just the traditional one we see a lot of in hedgerows,

Also, lucky me, a little bee landed in a nearly over Cosmos flower.

Painted Stone Snake

Our local primary school has been working on a painted Stone snake along their wall. Some people nicked a couple of stones at the start, but they seem to be doing ok now. Here is a video of it. Don’t ask me why there is an armchair in the playground.

The school is over 100 years old and has carved stone signs above two doors, indicating entrances for the boys and one for the girls. How times have changed!


We haven’t done as much walking lately. The weather has been hit and miss. Plus late working too. But we did get out last weekend for a nice walk.

Reach for the sky!
Peek-a-boo, I see you!

One small section lead us past a sycamore tree, from which we could hear a loud humming of bees. Turn your volume up and you can hear them. Maybe a hive or possibly aphids and honeydew? Not sure.

I’m hoping to get a walk in this weekend. I need to try out the dog back pack we have purchased. It’s to allow us to take the old girl with us when we go out walking during our holidays week after next. She doesn’t walk far or fast anymore and I hate to leave her on her own all the time. Even before her eyesight got bad, she was slow, as we found out on our holiday last year. But she is 16 now. I’ll post a picture.

That’s all for this week. Take care and have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #29-20

  1. A nice round up. It’s sad when they start getting old. Our JRT is 14 and slowing down. I have a pouch for her when we go further she can hop into. She can be a bit of a pickle now she’s deaf too! If I have to pick her up and she sees me coming towards her she thinks it’s a game so runs faster!

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