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Friday Roundup #28-20

A bit of a shorter post today because of the mini updates I gave earlier in the week.

Fused Glass

I visited the workshop to see my fused glass work. I’d been thinking about the finish and whether to slump it so that it stands on its own as a curved piece, or to leave it flat and then place in a stand.

I’d been leaning more to flat as I felt it would be better give the scene. When I got to the workshop and had a look, because of the scene, I felt some of it would be lost with a curve, so I’ve stuck with my first impression and will collect in about a week as they didn’t have a block stand for it.

I’ll share the finished piece next week hopefully.

I also made a coaster featuring a bee on a flower (in an abstract kinda way) which I hadn’t shared because I screwed it up at the very end by accidentally removing the whole top from the glue bottle and tipping a load on to the work. I mean, it was everywhere. As a result of this mishap, the frit and stringers flowed out of my carefully placed positions 😦

Mop up in Cubicle 2! 😂

I was hoping to share a finished picture, but with all the cleanup from the glue slick, I forgot to add a wing to the bee! So it looks a bit slug like at the moment. I’ve now added a wing piece and it is going in for another firing. Fingers crossed!

More to follow!


I’ve added a warp to the loom. This will be a quick scarf to fill time while I think about the next project. I was going to flashback to my first weaving workshop and recreate a simple scarf where you have vertical lines on one side and horizontal lines on the other.

The ends have frayed, so I probably need to think about fixing that.

The yarn I am using is from stash, which is could seeing as I just added with fresh yarn. Need to keep a balance of sorts. One in, two out! I’ve used the yarn previously for a scarf in houndstooth and now I am using it again, I recall it was challenging because of its fuzzy nature which made any unpicking hard work because it would catch. Plus, the previous scarf lost some impact because of the fuzziness.

Before finish…
After finish!

I warped this on Thursday as I was on my part time furlough day. I was going to be off today, but with the VAT change for hotels in the UK, work needed me in. And there was me looking forward to a four day weekend 😦

I’m a good way in already.

I was undecided on how I was going to weave this. The warp is 4 black, 2 red. So my weft options were 2 black, 1 red or 2 black, 2 red or 3 black, 1 red or as above which I decided on, 4 black and 2 red the same as the warp. You can see the effects on this draft.

I felt this yarn was going to need bold stripes because it loses pattern with smaller single picks of colour. I love how simple changes to weft, can make very different patterns.

Stay tuned! And have a great weekend.

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