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Friday Roundup #19-20

I have to be honest and say these weeks are flying by. Week 19 already! It can only be that during this COVID-19 period, and with taking extra work of furloughed colleagues, the hours in a day slip by without notice.

I’m not complaining, although I would normally as I love this part of the year, with all the fresh greens on the trees. And the white firework blooms of Wild Garlic or Ransomes, and before that the carpets of Bluebells and Wood Anemones.

But, the sooner these weeks go by, the sooner we may get our colleagues back. A thumbs up from me. 🙂

Let’s get back to some crafting, shall we?

This week has seen not much on the yarn front. I am enjoying a yarn hiatus, by doing something out of the norm. As I briefly posted in the week, I made my first mask. And following that two more.

The top one is the latest.

This last one was cut from the front, hence the vertical stripes due to how I had to cut the fabric to fit a 38cm x 20cm rectangle.

The shirt behind is another to be sacrificed. It’s a tailored fit, and those days are long gone, if I am honest to myself 😉 I’ve never been one to have a six pack. Only ever a one pack and a couple of extra suitcases on the side.

I generally write my posts all in one go. Occasionally, like today, I write a bit now and then. The only problem is that I am an Aperol Spritz and two glasses of wine in, so who knows what will end up on the digital page!

Back to craft. So, this week has been low on craft really. I have the sneakers to update you on, plenty there, but I’ll get you caught up tomorrow.

We did go for a walk before the alcohol started to flow. Here’s a picture I like from an earlier walk in the week.

I love these little daisies and have never seen so many. My garden lawns have always had daisies. I’m not a freakish lawn fanatic where weeds are banned and the grass has to be mown so short and with neat edges. My lawns always have colour and weeds. When it’s hot and dry for ages, it still looks green, which is more than can be said for most lawns. Short of wasting water on something as mundane as a lawn.

I had plans to cover a few more things, but drinks got in the way and I don’t trust myself with dress making shears in this state. Nor my writing. And it’s hurting my brain just thinking what to write at the moment. So, I shall leave it that and say Ta-ta!

9 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #19-20

  1. I was laughing while reading this one. You have a funny side, Jamie. Btw, I also, like little weeds and flowers in my yard. Since I live in an American small town, I mostly confine this indulgence to backyard, and keep the front as neat as I can, while minimizing chemical treatments as much as possible.

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    1. I’m pleased I could bring some laughter. We can all do with some at the moment. I try and keep chemicals down too, although I do give in when it comes to the patio, else the weeds there just keep coming back. Otherwise, I avoid them as I have plenty of birds and a hedgehog visit now and then.


  2. There’s definitely something to be said for buttercups, daisies and dandelions if the alternative is parched, brown and crispy grass remnants.
    As for Aperol – I raise my glass of something nicer to you for managing to get that horrible bright orange sticky stuff down. I ordered it on a whim in Spain last year and it’s the only drink I think I’ve ever had to leave in my life. Yuk.
    I sometimes write a blog post after a glass or two of something (not Aperol!) and I find the words flow more easily somehow 😉

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    1. Each to their own favourite drink. I can never understand the love of whisky. Smells nice, but can never drink it. But I would definitely take and Aperol over a Sangria. I enjoy reading your posts, so I’ll be checking to see if I can spot the drink inspired words 🙂

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  3. Things definitely flow better from a bottle! 😄 I think the little daisies are Erigeron, a fabulous little plant that seeds in the strangest of places and look lovely. A little good doer.

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