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Oh no! Lost my hat :(

Who knew you could be so disheartened about losing a hat. It is somewhere on the train. But I didn’t realise until I got off the second one at my destination.

It’s my favourite one too. 😦

And it’s Malabrigo yarn. Double 😦

I’ve filled out a lost item ticket so it is now a “wait and see” game. What are my odds of getting back? I am hopeful, but keeping my expectations low.

I’ll be searching my stash now to see a suitable yarn replacement to knit over the next few days… just in case.

Anyone else lost an item you made that you really loved?

8 thoughts on “Oh no! Lost my hat :(

    1. :(. That’s a great hat. Just the kind my sis would wear. At least you still have the third one. I went a bit yarn crazy. Malabrigo was a whole 50p off on Lovecrafts. I mean, 50p, it’s something. I ended up with two skeins plus another for free postage. Oops.


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