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Saturday Roundup #51-19

Ok, so what is there to update you on. Well, this is Saturday. My Friday was taken up entertaining and I was missing some pictures of my new yarns. You know I lost my hat. My favourite, best home knitted hat this week. Alas, not found yet. But with no worsted in stash, the only thing I could do to mollify my distress was to buy new yarn. Ostensibly to replace what I have lost.

So, on to LoveCrafts to search out some yarn. Naturally, as I lost a Malabrigo yarn hat, it made sense to replace like for like. And so I did, but they didn’t have the gorgeous colour way from before. so, I purchased a Continental Blue. And then a skein of brown called Applewood.

Aargh. Then the dreaded message, “Spend just x more to get free delivery!” Was there ever a more dangerous message?

Of course, I went searching and added a ball of yarn. Did you think I wouldn’t? Lord knows what I will do with it. I am a serial impulse buyer.

So here are the three yarns.

Sublime Elodie Deamcatcher

I am being good though and gifted one, the blue, to my sister. She is over from the US for the holidays and needed a worsted for a lovely cowl she is looking to knit whilst here.

The swift was out this morning and we wound them up into lovely neat balls. My sister also brought with her a lovely cream lace weight in a mix of silk, camel, merino and that got wound too. Remember, the family that swifts and knits together, stays together.

So, while I may have brought extra, it never even touched my stash. That’s got to be good, hasn’t it? And I have a hat to make and also, I am looking forward to my band making kit. I shall have something to share next Friday, the last post of 2019.

My last few words this week … I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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