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Friday Roundup #50-19

Another week goes by, and the only time I got to do any crafting is last weekend. I made two swatch’s. One which I washed and one I just frogged.

This is the one I washed. It is wide so I could gage the colour changes.

I also made this with one strand on 6mm needles. It was fine but I wanted something thicker and more substantial. So the second one I made on 8mm needles doubled.

Well, it turned out thicker.

The problem was the needle size was not quite sufficient. I did know this would not work well as it was smaller than what I wanted in needles size. A size 10mm interchangeable would have been ok to start with. I have some 12mm somewhere, but I could not locate them. As a result, this fabric was too dense and unyielding. I need to find the 12mm and see how it works with those. But the ones I have are short in length and I think in a big project, my hands would cramp up.

My other needles are about 5in in length. The 12mm are about 4in. An impulse buy online. When will I learn?

I did my bit for the environment, in a small way. I buy my Christmas meat online, but I have been using them for a while, so I know it is good beef and turkey. Normally, it arrives frozen and contained within a polystyrene box. They now offer delivery in fully recyclable packaging. You pay extra for it. Seems the wrong way round. They should make the poly boxes charged for.

Anyway, the box arrived and on opening, I found it lined with pressed wool. And, I am thinking is it the end if it’s life or could it be reused. Probably not, but investigations to continue this weekend. I shall also pop to my LYS and pick up some better needles.

And yes, when I knitted the swatches, I had blue lines on my fingers from where the yarn wrapped and drew through. Once washed, fingers crossed it stops bleeding.

Oh, and if you are wondering, yes I got my numbers mixed up last weekend. This post is #50 and last weekend was #49, not #48. Doh! I really shouldn’t write these so late.

Have a great weekend.

One thought on “Friday Roundup #50-19

  1. Such a shame about the colour transfer as it’s a really lovely blue. I’ve just been knitting on some 25mm needles. The unwieldy challenge was offset buy the rapid growth!


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