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Friday Roundup #48-19

Alright. So I was thinking I didn’t have enough Fridays remaining in the year to get to 52. Odd, as I am sure I numbered these posts correctly. I have now counted them all and realised that I have done two #46-19! So this really is #48. Can you believe how close it is to 2020? Scary!

This week was a long one as I was away Sunday travelling for work (7 hours on a train). Away Monday and Tuesday nights (return journey 7 hours). Then up to London for a work lunch (6hour round trip). Then at home Thursday and Friday. Too tired to do any craft activities.

Instead I focussed on present buying for relatives and furniture for the house. The bedroom, that was a dumping ground, is now a bedroom again. Just needs a nice chest of drawers matching the side tables. It arrives Tuesday. I still need two little side tables for a twin room. Must order those tomorrow.

Crafting this weekend? I might try and do a blanket I garter stitch with that blue yarn.

So have you made your wish lists? I tell everyone what I would like and then they can choose from that list. I am finally getting a yarn bowl. I asked for it last year and nada. So I made sure this year. But I only ask for things I would buy myself at some point sooner or later.

Other items are weaving books, a loom stand, a band weaving kit. And a new steam iron. Not a usual item but my current iron is not great, leaks water and drops black bits.

The band weaving looks interesting and I like to try new crafts, as you know. The company I hope to get mine from is Stoorstalka from Sweden. You can get others from Etsy and some other yarn shops. But for the price, with shipping, you get a lot more included and it’s already threaded.

Two weekends before we are descended on by relatives for Christmas. it will be lovely to see them all, but I know I will be looking for some quiet time after a few days.

If you have Xmas WIPs, how are they coming on? Will they be finished?

6 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #48-19

  1. I would like to make it though a week without you making me want to try a new hobby. That band weaving looks really cool. You are so good at trying new things. I still have to cast on and finish a pair of mittens for Christmas. I really should start them, because if they are a slow project I might be in trouble.

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  2. I am interested in band weaving. I bought a kit from Harrisville Designs. Perhaps I’ll get it started over the long winter holiday season. I’ll be interested in hearing about your experience with Skoorstalka.

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  3. No wish list here as we’ve decided anyone over 18 gets love and time instead. And possibly a box of chocolates. My super busy daughter gets into quite a tizz trying to sort things for everyone so we’re taking the pressure off everyone. I have things on my own list to me from me though 😄

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