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T’will be done

Sorry, that play on words just come to given the topic of the post. I wound the Ultra Pima Cotton into a ball to get started on the twill. I really like this yarn. It is soft and would make so lovely items knitted or crochet too.

Here is the twill part all completed along with a line of clove hitch knots to hem this end.

Close up because elsewhere I have trailing ends on the front.

I like the pop of this rosey red against the green of the warp and weft. The slubby green cotton weft is coming on nicely. It is a fairly open weave and I am hoping that once off the loom and released from tension it will close up a little and then some in the wash. I am trying to think what it would be like to knit or crochet with this yarn. The slubs can be large is places and I can imaging that one of those within a stitch would look odd. Has anyone worked with a slubby yarn like this?

So today is carry on with the weft for about another 30 inches or so and then do the twill again at the end. I am following the pattern draft from Liz Gipson’s book Handwoven Home. The picture in there has the twill going the other way, but I followed the instructions. Maybe the pictures are reversed or the woven runner is reversed. Anyway, I am still pleased with it. There is a lot of in front of reed pick up of warp on this twill so you would only do it as decoration and not the whole piece. There are other methods to do twill across the whole piece.

I realised I didn’t add a picture of my sparkly yarn on the last post. So here it is.

You can’t quite make out how sparkly it is, but dangling with lights in a tree it will look fab I am sure.

6 thoughts on “T’will be done

  1. Your weaving is very nice. I can imagine that it will turn into a fine table runner. In answer to your question, on my very first attempt at knitting I chose a slubby yarn. It was a mistake that I have managed to avoid since. I do see that this type of yarn is appropriate for weaving.

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  2. The twill looks awesome! I’ve used some slubby yarn for knitting and I quite like the effect. The thick bits are, well, thick and the thinner bits will end up looking more like a loose net. I think it works especially well on scarves and shawls but I’ve also knitted jumpers with such yarn.

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