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Friday Roundup #46-19

Hey there. Another week of mixed weather, but this weekend promises to be maybe a little drier. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I started to weave last weekend. I warped up the loom with a nice mercerised green cotton. Here it is.

This is about 14 inches wide and will be a table runner. There will be some shrinkage but it should be maybe 12 inches by 64 inches. The plan was going well until I got to the stage of doing some twill patterning. The yarn I had selected, another cotton just didn’t look right. It was to fine. I searched through my stash for other options and whilst I found some thicker cotton yarn, the colours were not right.

I needed something else, so I went to Lovecrafts and did some searching. Eventually I landed on some Pima Cotton in a lovely rose red which I think should go well with the green.

Ignore the dark green. That is just wasted yarn to spread the warp. For my weft I am using the cotton slub yarn I brought ages ago. However, I think it will still be too fine, so I am going to double up the warp. So tomorrow I’ll be starting to on the twill pattern.

And as is always the case, I ended up buying some extra yarns. I brought some Ricorumi 100% Cotton which will be used for tea towels.

And I also have been playing around with the Goldfingering yarn that I got last year for making Christmas decorations. That never got made. I’ve been playing and just made a little square of double crochet and really like it. Nice and sparkly. I did think that in single crochet it could make a nice sparkly outer for a party purse. I don’t know. I shall certainly make some tree ornaments from it though. Who knows, if the runner works out I could do another and use this doubled with a plain yarn for weft and make a Christmas table runner.

Well, have a lovely weekend.

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