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Friday Roundup #45-19

I am happy. At least in a yarn sense, as I managed to use up some stash. However, part way through I had to dip into another stash of yarn, which should be good, but then that ran out two shells from the end of a round of finishing single crochet. Sodding typical! And so, rooting through the stash to try and find a little of the same colour teal yarn, I found some more of the original crocheted into the start of a scarf sample. So annoying. In the end I had to use some blue of another yarn. I am telling myself it is small and unnoticeable. (Psst! I am kidding myself.)

That, I imagine, is the perennial problem when stashing yarn. Multiple bags around the house. Sometimes I feel like a squirrel, hoarding skeins and balls of yarn to see me through the winter, then forgetting where I put them.

I have resolved myself to buy a small 9 space square shelving unit. It can go in my office or a bedroom and I can get my yarn out of the bags and make it all more readily accessible. If it’s staring me in the face I may end up doing more with it.

Then I saw a similar piece of shelving with just 6 boxes on the diagonal which could go against the stairs to store all the shoes and boots in.

But, my furniture buying antics is not what you want to see or read about, I am sure. Here is the little stash buster.

I just need to sew in the ends and the cowl will be done. It’s a simple pattern from Ravelry, the Dentelle Cowl by Shara Made. Easy to follow, quick to make and great for TV crochet.

Am I wholly sold on the colours, Nope. It’s one of those that looks great in the ball, but for crochet I am not sure it works perfectly with every stitch type. It probably looks better knitted. This is likely to escape frogging and remaking. It is destined to be given away this winter.

Saturday is pretty much raining most of the day. I might get the loom out and make something. Although I don’t know yet what that will be but it will have to be from stash.

If you have some great autumnal weather, make the most of a sunny autumn day. If not, stay indoors, curl up with a nice cuppa, a piece of cake and some yarn on a hook, needles or loom. (Note, change cuppa to glass of wine if reading this late in the day 🙂 )

6 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #45-19

  1. Nice shelving! I have a similar unit and consider my stash to be a very colourful part of the decor meaning it’s always necessary to have a reasonably sized stash, right? Love the colours on your cowl – although it’s always a shame when you feel they looked better as a ball.

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  2. I like the colours on the cowl! I think most knitters are hoarders. It’s like Christmas every time I go through my stash. There’s always something I completely forgot about. Maybe I should consider a shelving unit, too.

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    1. Lol. True. I am hoping that this will make me look at each batch of yarn and maybe tag to them a project idea or two. Maybe it will make me more productive. But the thought of going through it all is daunting but it might look worse than it is given all the yarn bags around.

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      1. It might actually be a lot of fun going through all of the yarn bags and arranging them into a new shelf. Should they be arranged by colour, type, thickness or something else?

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