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Friday Roundup #44-19

Another week down and just 52 days to Christmas if you can believe it. Going to have to get in to present buying mode soon. 😦 But I do like seeing all the lights going up, cheering up the windows from outside and brightening the living rooms with tress all decked out in finery. A few weeks to go before we get to that stage though.

I blocked the scarf today. I had a day of from work. It was meant to be Monday but we had a big project on, so I moved it to Friday. Just as well as Thursday night was out with colleagues for a leaving dinner for one of the team. Anyway, needless to say, one (ok, maybe 2) too many drinks and I woke with not a great feeling. Plus, I had to get an early train back and GWR train seats are the most uncomfortable. Impossible to relax and sleep. I made up for it by going to bed when I got back home!

Back to the scarf. It’s come out well although I have no idea if there is a special way to wear this asymmetrical type of scarf. Is there?

I took these tonight, so it was a challenge in the indoor lights to get ones that showed the little pops of brighter blues without desaturating the dark blue.

Unsure who will receive this as a gift. Most likely, it will be for a niece for Christmas.

Tonight, I was also looking at my next project and I came across this fabulous pattern.

It is called Brioche Waves and looks amazing. It’s crochet too. The downside is that I don’t have enough DK yarn in contrasting colours in stash. So it does mean a buying spree. But if I can make some quick projects and use up stash then maybe it will be fine.

Not sure on my colours yet. I do have a lot of DK Sirdar Snuggly in a green, so if I can get a good contrast, I could use some stash.

I should also get the loom out and work up something quick on it. I could make some towels or a runner. Need to have a think. I don’t want to do a scarf as I have plenty of those. Decisions, decisions.

Well, wherever you are I hope you have a lovely weekend planned. Even if, like me, you are in the UK and have the torrential rain for the whole weekend. Don’t let it out a damper on your fun.

5 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #44-19

  1. The scarf looks great. I’m sure wherever it ends up it will be appreciated. Brioche Waves is stunning. I can’t wait to see it progress. I tend to buy yarn after having a few too many drinks, so maybe what you need to do is have a few drinks and start yarn shopping for DK weight yarn.

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  2. Your scarf looks very nice! I have no idea if there is a special way to wear asymmetrical type of scarf. I’d be interested in knowing, too. The brioche waves looks amazing – I can’t believe it’s crocheted.

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