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Fused Glass – The Results

So, a week later I call to see if the fused glass artwork is ready and i am told it is. Great, I say, I shall pick up on Monday as I have a day off.

Oh, we are not open Monday. 😦

Despite me needing to go shopping for dinner we are having with friends, I decide I shall pop down to pick it up today. It’s only an hours round trip plus a bit in the shop. For one reason or another I don’t get back home for 3 hours, thereabouts.

I get to the shop and pick up the glass work and have a chat. In the process I end up booking onto a stained glass day workshop in January.

Heading back to my local supermarket I pass Marks & Spencer’s and think, I should pop in and buy a shirt. (Marks & Spencer’s is a great shop for people of a certain age. I think I was the youngest and I am knocking on 50!) A shirt, a pair of trousers and some slipper socks later and I am heading on to the supermarket.

I have my shopping list all ready. Get everything bar a loaf sponge cake because they don’t do it. Two other mini-markets later and still no good. So I get some packet mix and resigned to baking. The sponge cake packet mix worked fine.

What was on the menu tonight you may ask.

  • Duck Pate with toasted Brioche and Plum and Apple Chutney.
  • Braised Chicken with Chicory
    Raspberry and Vanilla Ice Cream Cake

Thankfully, all went to plan and tasted good.

So, clocks go back tonight. It says it is 1am but it is actually just gone 12. When I was younger and clubbing, this was the best night as it meant an extra hour dancing. Not sure my booty is up to it these days. 🙂

Anyway, I seriously digress. Here are the finished fused glass work.

I am quite pleased with how it turned out for an ‘on the spot’ design. It’s meant to be a branch of cherry blossom. Although, as the artist I can take the liberty and say it is not the best piece of work, but for a first attempt it’s ok. I would have gone with more darker pinks if I had to do it again.

Here is the 10 minute coaster. Amazing to think that this starts as two pieces of glass with more glass on top and after firing is a completely merged and smooth topped coaster. The shop even put little rubber feet on each underside corner.

Definitely, I will be doing this as a full day next year. But stained glass first. Just need to think of a design. Two months to plan.

And I cannot resist sharing a pic of my little angel fast asleep. Such a cutie.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Ciao for now.

3 thoughts on “Fused Glass – The Results

  1. Your glass pieces are brilliant. It’s amazing that something so solid and rigid can be manipulated like that. Your angel really is a cutie! I forgot all about the clock change, got up around 7 this morning and a hour later remembered that it’s actually 7 now. Oh well.

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  2. The fused glass is beautiful. I love the cherry blossoms, and I think it is perfect. You are a natural. Your dog is adorable, that looks like the perfect sleep position for chasing squirrels in her sleep. Your dinner sounds delicious. I want to come eat at your house!


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