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Friday Roundup #43-19i

I was going to post on Wednesday about how the scarf was coming on. I wrote a post, was nearly finished and just needed the latest picture. Switched out to transfer it from my phone then back to import and Safari refreshed the blog post page and frustratingly it had not saved. So I lost it all. I just didn’t have it in me to write it all again, so I figured to leave it til Friday. And here we are!

So, about the scarf. I finally found the yarn intended for the project. At last using some yarn from stash. Last Sunday I started and got moving quite well, as you do. It is a great pattern. You can find it on Ravelry called Naturally Southern Scarf.

This is easy crochet. Just DC (US) and chain 1and skip 1 on one row and DC all the way in the next. Just what you need for sitting in front of the TV and mindlessly crocheting.

Of course, I had to choose the dark blue yarn, so in a dimly lit room, you still need to keep your wits about you. Not sure how I manage that and watch the French crime frame Spiral when you need subtitles to know what’s happening. If you haven’t seen Spiral, it’s worth searching it out. In my opinion anyway.

Add to this, the yarn I am using I didn’t like the first time I used it. Although that’s not totally true. I love the softness of it from the 75% merino / 25% viscose form Bamboo. And I love the colour which is. Moody blue. The yarn is from Louisa Harding and is called Pittura and themed from the impressionist painters. This one is Monet if I had to guess.

The problem with the yarn is that it goes from nice to urgh. Sometimes it is a nice soft 4 ply ish thickness and then drops to something akin to lace or finer. So on your stitches they can look full and then look skimpy.

However, I am persevering with it to use it all up. It is producing some lovely definition though.

You probably cannot see it very well of this picture.

I have noticed that I am about 20 rows from the end and the scarf is not the desired length. Although I have yet to stretch it and measure to simulate a blocking. I’ll just carry on for now as I guess the width is not as wide as it should be either.

This is my first asymmetric scarf and liking it so far.

3 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #43-19i

  1. Nice! I might try that pattern sometimes since I want to improve my crochet skills. The scarf looks easy enough with some challenge. Have to just find a suitable yarn. I like your yarn choice and it’s a lovely colour.

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