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Friday Roundup #39-19

This week has been challenging. We still have boxes in various rooms. The garage, and it’s a double one, is packed with boxes too. I think we got to that stage of moving where you just can’t face unpacking anything else and just need a break.

We got the kitchen, living room and two bedrooms completed fairly quickly. My office though still had loads of boxes packed and Sunday therefore, was spent in that room. First, we moved all the boxes out, so we could get in. Then we realised we couldn’t eat out until we had unpacked. There’s motivation for you. And of course a little dog got under feet almost all the time. We finally got 90% there. The last 10% will come during work breaks.

But, it doesn’t help when you have to go away for two days to a damp and humid London. Urgh! The London Underground in rush hour and high humidity. You are either looking at the back of someone’s head or their armpit, all the while squished in like sardines in a can. Thankfully it’s an infrequent occasion that I have to do those trips. One highlight though was meeting a lovely Border Terrier dog called Denis during the train trip to London.

And checkout this lift at one of the places I had a meeting. Never seen anything like this before. Someone said it was linked to something in a David Bowie song.

The other half had two late nights also, so suffice to say, not a lot got done. But a visit from my Mum meant I had to get moving in tidying the place up.

The weather has been horrendous here. Absolutely throwing it down. Howling winds. Then bright blue sky and sunshine. Then coming down like stair rods again. We have more to come this weekend, so brollies to the ready!

As to crochet. I used up all the yarn for the blanket. Just the border to add now and then that’s done and I can move onto something else. If I get a moments peace I shall snap a picture.

I thought I would share an old recipe for a delicious lamb dish. This is so simple and just cooks slowly over 3 hours or so. The meat just falls away and melts into pieces. And, as is often the case, the leftovers if there are any, taste better the next day. Serve with Orzo pasta or mash potatoes. Or just be simple with a good chunk of bread. And of course some delicious wine.

Please excuse the oils stains. It is a well-used recipe.

So, I hope you have some lovely activities planned for the weekend. I am going to call it a night on this post as my iPad is just not playing ball and freezes at the start of each new paragraph.

Ciao for now.

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