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Friday Roundup #19-19

Hey, what can I say about this past week. Not too much really. I’ve been quite frustrated with work. My Tuesday morning started at just after 4am so that I could drive to a Bristol for a flight to Glasgow. Tuesday ended late around midnight. Then I was up again at 6am to got and catch my return flight. So, needless to say, I am still not quite caught up. I could easily have had siestas during the day!

To top it off, my laptop decided to play up, so out of a 4 day week, I spoke to our IT department in each day. And I know I need to call them again on Monday to get a programme added. 😦

So, it comes to the evenings and I am just not up to any craft. I remain undecided about my shawl WIP and how to either carry on or finish it. And I’ve still not found the yarn I seem to be missing, I really do feel like I am losing the plot.

This weekend needs to see some activity. Saturday morning will be about deciding what to do; knit, crochet or weave. As I have mentioned, I would like to try my hand at clasped weft weaving. Here is a great example on Ravelry by graybybaconcat.

I think I have a couple of yarns that might work for this.

I think the 7 balls of yarn will be too fine for this though. But the Alpakka might work. I have it in a range of blues thru white, so could work one side opposite to the other. You can’t really tell the colour from these poor photos. I’ll have to take some new if I decide to use this yarn.

My other option is to start an Afghan for a single bed, for my niece to take to college/university. Something to brighten up her room. It’s going to be in acrylic or superwash wool, whichever is easier to wash and dry. That might just be a simple chevron style granny blanket. Mindless crochet, or possibly mindless knit if I choose to do a knit chevron.

That’s where I am at currently. Anyone else struggling to think of the next project?

3 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #19-19

  1. I’ve had one of those days all week! Too busy to properly concentrate on anything. I don’t like it. I seem to be making no progress with anything. I could really do with one full day on the sofa with knitting, coffee and an audio book. I’ll try and get an hour at least today! I like those Alpakka blues!


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