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A Quandary

Ok, so my shawl has ground to a halt at the moment. I have come to the en of the Coco yarn. I was on the last round for the virus pattern and came up short – playing yarn chicken – to the tune of about 5 virus repeats. So close, yet so far. For now, I ripped back to the start of that row and changed to HDC (US) with a CH, SC, CH in between each repeat. And yay, I got to the end with about 7 inches of yarn remaining.

However, I don’t know if I’m 100% with finishing this way. This last row has now become a final edge, one row early. I have some of the blue remaining, but I don’t think it’s enough and I was saving this for edging. Plus, I would prefer the shawl larger. So, I am thinking, what is in my stash. Sure that I have a blue that might work. But, can I find it? Can I heck as like. Been through all my bags and nowhere to be seen. On Ravelry, I have it unused. Now, either I am going mad and losing my mind because I have used it and don’t recall, or it’s buried in a stash bag somewhere in the house,

Very frustrating. I’ve checked the bags twice now. And I feel like another check is coming on today. But I need to be planting up flower tubs, not searching for elusive yarn.

To top it off, as I am drawing close to the end of this shawl, even if I do find the yarn and add another five or so rounds, I am getting itchy to get the loom out again. It’s been a while and I am feeling like warping up and doing something like clasped weft. You can see some examples here on Google.

I like how you can create interesting graphics in weaving simply by weaving with two wefts, and only going so far across the yarn, then catch that with the other weft from the opposite side. Anyway, I’ve not even thought yarn yet for that, and I still have a jumper on the needles, which will never get finished at this rate.

First things first – maybe if I just tip the bags out on the bed!

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