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Friday Roundup #18-19

Finally, we have made it to a long weekend thanks to a Bank Holiday on Monday. I think the weather is meant to be dry, but chilly for this time of year. Last year we had temperatures at 29C; it will be half that. One of my activities is getting the greenhouse ready for the tomatoes. They are all up and steadily growing, so I need it ready for next weekend probably.

I think I may also get to be almost finished on the shawl I am currently working on. I know that I have two errors in it, but I am hoping it won’t be noticeable. I saw the error when I was 2 rows up and I just could not face frogging back that far. Maybe I should embrace this and use the odd error to ensure it is unique. Regardless, I think it won’t be that visible as it is just an extra stitch.

WIP so far

So, there is a bit more added since this picture, and I still have yarn, so I will see how far I can take it before I add the edging. Given that each virus round comprises of loops and three rows of DC (US type), it can consume quite a bit of yarn at this larger size.

My jumper is at a standstill, whilst I work in this project. It actually sits beside me on the sofa. Sometimes I pick it up in the evening and complete another round. Sometimes I don’t. But I shall have peace and quiet in the morning, so should be able to get a load more done.

I hope you all have something wonderful planned for the weekend. Keep crafty!

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