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Friday Roundup #17-19

Well, we are back from our travels and had some great weather. The UK can be a great place to Holiday when the weather works in your favour and coincides with a public holiday weekend! And being a four day week it has gone fast back at work, but has been busy.

During my break away, I cracked on with the jumper, although I am rather slow and whilst I thought I was near the arms, I was actually still a few rows away when I put it against another jumper. But I ran out of yarn with me, so it has languished this last week as I just didn’t have the energy. So, no change on that WIP.

As for the two samples I made, I frogged them. And ordered some different yarn for that pattern. I’ll look forward to sharing that with you when it arrives. It’s coming from Germany, so maybe later this week coming.

As for the yarn, I decided to try a crochet Virus shawl. I think it’s coming on ok. I am still reserving judgement on the yarn until finished and blocked. I am hoping it comes into its own then.

Twice the size of this now, but no pics yet.

The yarn (Juniper Moon Findley Dappled DK) is lovely and soft to work with. And I love the colours. The image above, you may notice it is slightly off centre. I had to frog it back to the blue as I had made an error. It’s all in line now. Glad I spotted it early. :/

The pattern is listed in Ravelry but without pattern, but is available as a YouTube video – Virus meets Granny shawl, I think. I am probably going to leave it as the single block of granny though.

Anyway, that’s what I am up to at the moment. Hope you have a great weekend, whatever the weather.

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