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Friday Roundup #16-19

As I write this post, the sun is shining, it’s getting warmer and all bodes well for a gorgeous Good Friday. We are now in Devon for the remainder of the week and trying to decide whether to go for the beach or a town type trip.

Yesterday, I started a swatch of the Juniper Moon Findlay DK Dappled in the blue toned Castaway shade. I picked this and the rather unimaginatively named Brown on the label, but online is called Hot Coco, because they reminded me of coastline colours from Devon. I searched an online database of pattern charts to use for the basis of a shawl and found one which felt suitably sea themed.

My first swatch on the left is using 4.5mm hook, the one of the right is using a 5.5mm hook. The first I thought was too tight, the second is better, but I am not overly keen on it. I like the pattern, and you can see what it looks like in the pattern chart. But, I think it is more suited to Lace weight.

The colour shading comes through nicely

I had started to write up some written notes for the patter which still need to be finished. However, I am undecided if I should continue in this DK weight yarn. Any thoughts from you peeps?

More aimed at lace weight, I think.

As to my jumper, it is coming on ok. I am about 4 rows away from the start of the armhole. So I guess I should start thinking about sleeves next.

With this lovely day, it looks good amongst the Rosemary and against the Heuchera. Given this will be a jumper for the garden, it seems appropriate too. I am still thinking about the top of the jumper section. I had thought of doing the top including the shoulder of the sleeve in the purple colour. But I have toyed with adding some ribbing to the top instead. Is there a knit stitch that you can work that gives some form of pattern definition without going the whole ribbing route?

Again, any suggestions would be most welcome.

So, that’s my round up for this week. Enjoy the weekend, have a lovely Easter beak with family and friends and catch up later next week.

2 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #16-19

  1. The crochet swatch is so beautifully done. I didn’t know crocheted objects could look this graceful. Regarding pattern on your sweater – have you considered some of the slip-stitch ones? They can add a little texture, and if done with two colors in alternating rows, some interesting patterns as well.

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