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Oops, I did it again!

To coin a line from Britney, I did. Whilst on our little break from everything, I ended up in two yarn shops. And you know what can happen in yarn shops. That’s right. Yarn just throws itself at you or lands in your basket. You know the feeling, right? That little voice in your head that says “That shade is lovely, you should buy it.” Or, “Never seen this yarn before. Ooh, it feels really nice. You could make something.”

And before you know it you are tapping your card against the contactless machine, the four little lights go green and APPROVED pops up on screen. Like you have just been vetted for the safekeeping of something really valuable.

I suppose I can feel a little vindicated that both occasions resulted in just one ball of yarn. And also, as long as I do make something from it then all is good. It’s just when it sits in a bag in stash, waiting to be used up. So, these are hopefully not waiting long until it’s band is pulled from it, an end tied in a slip knot on to a needle and cast on or to start a chain on the hook.

I am now questioning whether I should go to Wonderwool Wales, the week after next. I will only be tempted even more so, and I don’t really need anything. So I may give it a miss.

But anyway, on to the yarn joining the Stash family. The first is a bamboo / wool mix with a thick thin quality. I was thinking I can use this to weave, creating interesting texture in the weft. If I can source a decent warp, I could even get a great scarf from it. There is enough I think.

The yarn is King Cole called Bamboozle. I need to get it out and on to a pickup stick to see its full shading and repeat length of the thick and thin parts.

The second yarn I picked up today was in Broadway’s Sew U Knit store. The LYS is tiny and every space is covered with yarn or some other item. I picked this one up as I wanted something a little more complex in pattern. One ball equals one shawl/scarf in knit or crochet, pattern depending.

This one is from Katia and self variegated. It should work out fine. This one at least had a free pattern as shown below. So, fingers crossed it will get worked up as I only have to choose between knit or crochet in the pattern booklet.

Watch this space I guess.

Enjoy the remainder of this week.

2 thoughts on “Oops, I did it again!

  1. Lovely yarn! Oh Broadway! I haven’t been there for years and years. It’s so pretty (and busy!). Cotswold is one of my favourite parts of Britain. Just a few days ago I was looking at all sorts of knitterly stuff online and came across Wonderwool Wales. I thought that my next trip to Britain should be planned around a wool festival 🙂 By the way, it’s great how your wool finds match your garden.

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    1. It is lovely. We just missed out on seeing the lambs at a farm attraction. Got there too late. Thanks on the pics. Wish I could claim as my garden, which looks rather drab at the moment, although does have blue forget me nots in flower at the moment. Hope you find a suitable event to plan a holiday around.


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