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My new toy to play with. For my birthday I was given a swift, sans the winder. I had to go an order that myself, but I can’t blame someone for not knowing this, when they are not yarny-folk.

It’s a plain, sanded wooden, which I gave a little wax polish on the main body of the swift.

The winder arrived Two weeks ago and I soon had both set up and ready to wind.

I have a number of skeins that sit in my stash, waiting patiently for me to ball them up. I never do. I just don’t have the patience to stretch the hank around two chairs and stand there making it into a ball. I invariably drop the thing and it rolls away. Aargh! Drives me nuts.

Some may think of this as an extravagance. But now, I just set up the swift and winder and I have three balls in the time it would take me to do one by hand.

This is my Juniper Moon yarn that I want to turn into something. Not sure what yet. Love the coastal colours.

The beauty of these gadgets is the finished product. A ball of yarn, neatly wound and with a flat base. So, more control over this than a normal ball, which can roll away as you knit or crochet.

I have some more yarn requiring attention. And I am sure, that after Wonderwool later this month, that there will be some more. Just what my stashbusting efforts need; more yarn! But you can’t miss the opportunity to be presented with a host of yarn you won’t ordinarily see in your LYS.

And so today, I got everything set up again and turned four hanks of yarn from Wonderwool 2018 into balls, ready to be crafted into some item. I seem to recall my thoughts were for a houndstooth woven scarf. But having done similar with wool, which was rather hairy and reduced the impact of the houndstooth, I am not so sure.

I have a number of balled up yarn now, so I really need to get cracking! Plus, when it comes to prepping for the proper jumper, there’s 7 or 8 hanks to ball up for that. So glad I have these two little gadgets now.


2 thoughts on “Swift

  1. Congratulations on your new swift and winder! I’ve had them for years and they really are handy. They save so much time. And nerves. The chocolate and graphite yarn look really good together!

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