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My emergency yarn order arrived and so I finished this little project yesterday, adding a simple border of SC and HDC in the blue colour. And with the bright sunshine, I popped outside to take some snaps. This was before a wash and block.

I can’t say it’s my finest piece of work. Chenille type yarn is a challenge to work as you are often ‘feeling’ where to put the hook in the previous row of stitches. The main body I think came through ok, but the border is always more challenging, and when it’s a simple piece of work, it can be more obvious.

The other niggle with chenille is the unraveling of the ends when cut. It is super unstable and the slightest tug on a loose end results in shedding. I’ve tried hemstop glue before, but it just made it sharp and hard, which is just wrong for something so soft. So, these are knotted then woven in. Now I have blocked it, I just need to try and bury the small woven in ends.

As a functional piece of home decor though, it will do nicely as a warming lap blanket for spring/autumn evenings, or draped as shown over a hard chair to make it more comfortable. It would probably be ideal as a large baby blanket for baby to sit on.

Have a great week.

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