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Friday Roundup #13-19

Fail to plan, plan to fail – that’s what they say isn’t it? It’s very true in anything yarn based certainly. You find a pattern you like. You dig in your stash for the yarn. And you think, ok should be enough. As you work through the pattern, you keep a careful eye on the remaining yarn and how far you have gotten. Everything seems to be working out well. And then suddenly your realise in the last quarter, “Nope! There ain’t enough yarn left.”

So that is what has happened with this lapghan. And the yarn I am using is end of line, so scrabbling around to find a supplier. Success! Order the yarn and now waiting to arrive. In the meantime, digging in a stash bag I find some left over from making Teddy. I do have other chenille, but it’s all shortpile and dense, whereas this one is a long pile and furry.

To top it off, (maybe this is my unlucky post #13), starting on the decreases and checking the pattern and I found that I was skipping the ch-1 space on each turn, when I should be crocheting into it. Why didn’t I see that and why did I think to skip it. Anyway, too late, it is what it is. I did say that I believe the pattern omits some elements of good clear pattern writing.

In essence, what I am saying is, I should have swatched, and read the pattern a couple of times so I was clear, and ensured I had enough yarn, which would have driven the finished size. In short, I failed to plan. It was only meant to be a quick and mindless crochet project.

The blue stripe doesn’t show up at its best.

So, here it is so far. Just a small amount to finish off now. I know that the yarn found won’t stretch that far though.

Hope you all have a great crafting weekend.

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