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Friday Roundup #12-19

Why does this week seem to have dragged. I got to Thursday and stripped the bedding to wash, and was thinking it was Friday. I was sorely disappointed :(. Don’t you just hate it when that happens. Makes it feel like it is even longer.

I can’t say that I have done much crafting this week. I knitted more rounds on the jumper but have run out of yarn, so that’s a trip to make tomorrow, to get some more. My local yarn shop is not a massively busy place so I am hoping I can still get the yarn in the same lot. If not, I won’t be too bothered as the shading is unlikely to be significantly different.

The blanket I was thinking to make from stash yarn, I have started, I decided to use the oatmeal soft chenille. It is lovely to work with and quick on the hook, I’ve gone with a simple crochet stitch, single crochet (US) but as a corner to corner, I found the pattern online at, Crochet Diagonal Baby Blanket. After reading the pattern a couple of times, I made a start, but it was coming out more rhomboid than square. So, I ripped it back to row 3 and started again.

The problem was I was not adding 2 SC to each row. It seems to be ok now, but chenille yarn, especially this one, has a habit of being challenging to see where to insert the hook in the stitches. As a result, I did miscount and it went in a little. But not too badly, and only over a couple of rows, so I’m carrying on.

I do have issue with the pattern though. It advises to add 2 SC to each row. To me, it would be better to have said where to add the increases. Is it at the start, at the end, one of each side? Would have been ideal to have written out the first row with the increases and then repeat from the next. Never mind. Here are a couple of images.

It is going to make a fairly thick blanket or lapghan, as I don’t think the 6 or so balls will go far. It will keep the legs warm in winter, later this year. My concern will be when to start decreasing to make it square. I can see me weighing this if I end up with an odd number of balls of yarn to use up. The speed it’s going, this could be 90% done by Sunday.

Have a great weekend.

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