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Friday Roundup #10-19

First week back to work after my little week off and cannot believe it is already been and gone. Its been a busy one catching up with work, so there has been not a lot of movement in the crafting front.

I have started to project, a jumper using some yarn from Adriafil Tabata that uses a 7mm needle. The colours are really nice and create a marled effect when knitted/crocheted. The picture below shows the yarn and a knitted sample. I think I shared this with you previously in another post. Whilst I was away overnight in Birmingham, I cast on some stitches and started knotting, then after finishing a round suddenly thought, “What are you doing! That should be a 2×2 rib stitch, not all knit!!”

So, now I have to rip it all out and start again. At least it’s only the first row I got too. Plus, I should really have done a needle size lower I think for the ribbing. Then move to the 7mm for the body.

Tomorrow I plan to go through my stash and see what I have in there that can be crochet work. I have done any for a while and feel the need to get something made. Big project and chunky yarn will do me nicely I think. I do have a load of chenille and recently I put the one below on my bed and I love the texture. Chenille maybe it. Although I have some others so nothing is confirmed until the stash has been raided.

This is not the best image. The colours are a burgundy and muted lilac.

It’s tempting to try the chenille with a garter stitch though. Maybe I’ll find something else in my stash to work with in crochet.

Well, have a lovely weekend. I hope to despite the rain.

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