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Last Hat of the Season

This morning, I managed to finish the last hat of the season. That will be it now until autumn. This is the second one I have made using the Jason’s Cashmere hat design by Melissa on the sweet fibre site.

I knitted this one using Malabrigo Worsted yarn that I had in stash. It’s a gorgeous mix of sea blues and greens. But really difficult to capture on the camera. Always comes out more blue than it is. Here are my best attempts.

I was concerned that I would be close to the end of the yarn with this, and missed off two rows of ribbing, just in case. As it turned out, I ended up with 20g left, about 42 yards, so if you are making this hat, 100g in Aran or worsted should be fine with some left over.

As to the pattern. It is great for beginners. Quite easy and the repetition of the rounds means you don’t need to be counting stitches all the time. Because of this, if you don’t end up on a purl stitch after the 6 knit stitches, you’ve gone wrong.

The hat fits well, but I did add 12 to the cast on. My hats are not the same width or length as the pattern though. This one is 6in wide and 10in tall unfolded or 8in with a fold. So, the yarn used for the original pattern must be quite bulky for an Aran.

So, if you are looking for a quick hat patter that looks great, then this is ideal.

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