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Friday Roundup #9-19

What a week. I started a second hat as I didn’t have the DPNs to finish the first. I couldn’t get them locally so ended up ordering from Amazon so that I could get them next day. Then, I had to stop my second hat as I needed the DPNs to free up the 5mm interchangeable needles on the first hat!

DPNs arrived next day and I finally finished my first hat and am quite pleased with the end result. I know there are some errors, but they are not noticeable. And it fits, which is a plus. So, fingers crossed the second hat comes out fine seeing as it’s worsted and not Aran.

For some reason I keep going wrong on this second one. I dropped a stitch, but luckily found it when I looked on the wrong side. I managed to go back to that and pull it up from two rows below – thankfully I had watched that video early on in my knitting education. And now and then I would do too many purl stitches and have to tink back 10 or so stitches. Luckily this pattern has a regularity that you can easily spot when you go wrong as the purls all line up; 6 knit, 2 purl, 2 knit, 2 purl in every round. No picture just yet, although just onto the second round of the cables.

And last minute, I went to London for a day and a half. I was feeling better but the other half now has a sore throat, so it was probably good to get away from possibly picking up another illness while I am still at risk of catching something easily.

It was a lovely trip. I managed to visit two yarn shops. The first was in Finchley called Hand Weaver Studio & Gallery. They have a great selection of yarns from those used for rug weaving through to all manner of natural and synthetic and in between. They also had loads of fibre ready carded for spinning. There was one that was a merino/silk blend and so soft.

Came away with just two mini cones. One a red chenille and the other a blue 4 ply linen. The chenille I think will be woven in to a scarf. The linen will go into a couple of woven towels.

Another short trip took me to Loop, located in Angel. It’s a lovely little shop filled with lots of yarn, accessories and books on knitting and crochet. I wasn’t really looking for anything, but suddenly spotted some Brooklyn Tweed Loft; the yarn that my jumper (that I need to start next) is meant to be knitted from. I had brought something similar due to the cost to ship from the US. But here was what I really needed to get my gauge right.

So, you probably guessed I ended up buying some. I reasoned that I can make one for the other half, and one for me with the other yarn. That’s what I am telling myself anyway. As usual the picture doesn’t show the true colour, which is a little lighter than what looks like a royal blue below. Plus, you get a lovely cloth bag. The staff in both shops were really helpful and answered my many questions.

The next day I made a trip out to Kew Gardens to see the orchid displays. The weather was not as good as the previous day, more overcast and threatened rain. Which it started as I neared the entrance. However, it came and went as I walked from one glasshouse to the next.

The orchids are amazing and well displayed. So many colours and forms.

I love structure in plants too and had some great examples to snap some pics.

My favourite is the Bird of Paradise, bottom right above. So striking and a classic paring of orange and purple.

Anyway, enough about plants,for now. I’m back home now and cracking on with the hat, so I can get started on a jumper. Have a great weekend, wherever you are.

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