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Blues & Brights

As you will recall from Friday’s post, I needed to get some DPNs in 5mm. Unfortunately, I arrived at the shop too late and they had closed early. 😦

And so, yesterday I was sitting with nothing to occupy my hands and ended up pulling out of my stash some Malabrigo yarn I had purchased in December 2018. Here it is…..

I just fell for those blue green hues

It’s all Merino wool in worsted weight, but not too dissimilar in needle size to the Aran weight I was using for the hat. So, as you do, I balled it up and could see all these gorgeous, rich colours. I knew I had to cast on another hat as the 4mm needles were available. And this is knitting up a dream. The yarn is so soft and a pleasure to knit with. I only have the one skein and it’s 210 yards, only slightly more than the hat calls for. So, I am playing it safe with this band up hat, and making the band a little shorter than the 4in called for in the pattern. I would rather have some left other than not enough.

With it being such amazing weather today, I decided to snap some pictures of the WIP in the garden amongst the brights of daffodils and blues of anemones.

The sunlight really helps the blues come through and complement the yellow daffodils.
Blue on blue

I love anemones. We’re we used to live, we had a wonderful walk alongside railway tracks and in the late winter, the wooded floor would be clothed in bright white anemones, some tinged with pink on their petals. And these were followed by a fabulous mass of bluebells and white shooting stars of wild garlic, otherwise known as Ransomes. This has to be one of my favourite times of the year, as the earth wakes from its winter slumber and all these bright, cheery colours break through.

The only problem with this WIP is that I now need to move to 5mm needles! Guess what? They are stuck on the first hat and I don’t have another short cable to use to transfer the second one to, despite unscrewing the 5mm needles from the first WIP. Stuck!

My LYS is shut tomorrow, so it will definitely be a trip to Hobbycraft in the morning. My itchy fingers, just wanting to knit or crochet, will have to wait till tomorrow.

Have a great week.

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