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Friday Roundup #8-19

Ok, so it may not be Friday in the UK anymore, but it’s Friday is the US, so this still counts. 🙂

I’ve been much better this past week, back at work and in the mood for knitting. I had picked up some Rico Creative Soft Wool Aran in a lovely soft neutral tone, that I thought would look great as a hat, scarf and mitts. I think it’s called Beige (not an imaginative name). It’s 75% acrylic, 25% wool and lovely and soft. So checking through Ravelry and I came across this lovely pattern from Sweet Fibre.

It isn’t too challenging and it puts me to the test on cables and is repetitive in the round so I should be a dab hand by the end. It also has a SSK stitch, which I had to look up, but see that it’s quite easy. And that’s where I am up to now. The last few rounds on decreasing the crown.

I know it’s not perfect, but it’s a good start.

And that’s where I had to stop tonight as I don’t have 5mm DPNs. Trip to my LYS tomorrow morning to pick some up hopefully. Else it’s down to Hobbycraft.

My gauge is off on this so I am presuming the yarn is not quite as thick as that used in the pattern, and I may be a little looser in the knit. I am glad I added an extra 12 stitches at cast on as I thought it looked on the tight side. Plus, it was barely knittable on my shortest circular. My interchangeable needles are on the long side.

Anyway, it fits and is not too snug or too loose, so all is good. Hopefully, I can get this finished tomorrow. I just need max an hour.

I’m off work next week, so I hope to kick this infection to the kerb once and for all, and maybe get a good bit of crochet or weaving in, although I do need to do some work in the garden. This warm spell we are having is making everything move along quite quickly and the lawn could do with a trim.

Here’s hoping you all have a lovely weekend.

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