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Friday Roundup #11-19

Finally the weekend arrived and I am rather tired. It was a busy week with work as I was away for two days, so no jumper knitting whilst away. I just wouldn’t get the time. It ended up being a very late night. Or some might have considered it very early morning when some of us finally went you our beds.

Last week I mentioned about raiding my stash to knit up but preferably crochet up a blanket. I had a dig around on Sunday and came up with some likely candidates. All are chunky weight and perfect for blankets. See what you think.

The first would be a bit of a jumble gradient. The colours have rather loose connections but it might work. I have more of the middle colour so it would be the widest section. The middle picture is some lovely bouclè yarn that I used for another blanket. That’s all I have left. I am thinking stripes with the remaining dark as a border edge. And the last, I have loads of the beige but just the one blue, so edging again unless I can think of something else.

I also found this rather old WIP hiding amongst the stash. The crochet is a bit open as a blanket but it would be great on a plain white duvet as decoration.

The pattern is meant to resemble strawberries

It would better when blocked to open up the pattern. I should try and finish it off to use up the yarn.

As I mentioned at the start, I have been working on a jumper, and I thought I had some pics, but I don’t. So, I shall probably get some up on Sunday. Tomorrow I am away on a craft course. Hopefully I will be able to share some pics for that on Sunday too. Keeping it secret for now, just in case I mess it up. 😉

Have a great weekend.

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