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In my mother’s garden

I just wanted to share with you the stunning clematis that my mum has growing and in flower at the moment.

The first is called Andromeda, and I can understand why from the mass of white stars.  The second, the label is missing unfortunately, but the colours are amazing.

Down in Devon we have a lot of Rhodendron in flower at the moment in the hedges. Such a lovely mass of colour.  I have two in my garden at home, but mainly in the hedgerows is the violet purple colour, which is the first.  I always struggle photographing the second as the colour is so intense and glows in the sunlight.

Finally, my fascination with dandelion continues.  They are so architectural in form.  Whilst they are a pain in the garden, when you see a field full of their sunny, yellow flowers, followed silvery clocks of seed, how can you not have some enjoyment rom the spectacle.

One of my first pictures I ever took on a SLR camera was of a dandelion clock.  I took it in black and white and had it blown up and framed.  This one here was on my iPhone.

A couple further images from the garden.  The first is the first flower out on Mum’s Mock Orange (Philadephus).  Such a simple yet lovely flower and with a sweet fragrance, even just the one.  The other, Californian Poppy, bright orange in the sun, a Leptospernum, busy with bees foraging for nectar and pollen.  Natures little workers.


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