A Crochet Conundrum

After what is considered a miracle in the UK, a Bank Holiday weekend where the weather was amazing, it is back to work for me.  On the bright side, it’s a short week.  Even more so as I have the last two days as leave too, so only working two days this week, then off to Devon.

Devon is where I spent much of my childhood life and a place I tend to consider as my ‘real home’.  It’s where I have many memories that I treasure and where the rolling countryside makes me happiest.  I love that you can be so close to the sea with its blues and greens contrasting with the sandy or multi-coloured pebbly beaches, or head inland to the desolate beauty of Dartmoor with its rustic, natural hues of heathers in dark green and purple and the brackens; bright green in the spring through to rich, golden browns in the autumn.

Whilst I can’t lug my Ashford loom with me, I am rifling through my stash to come up with something that I can make whilst I am away.  Something quick, that I can work up over the course of four days, in between going out.  It will most likely be crochet, as my knitting skills are basic at best and slow to knit up. Plus, I can crochet on automatic if I choose something with a simple pattern repeat; always a benefit when in company.

I keep coming back to this lovely, slubby cotton in a gorgeous teal green colour.  I will need to find an end though and crochet it a bit to see how it comes out.  I am also tempted to use it is a weft as it might give some great texture across the fabric.  The picture does not do the colour justice.59D4380C-4D40-493E-ADBE-D0A36CE77748

I have enough for probably both as it is just over 1500 metres.  Maybe a sleeveless cardigan type if crocheted or a table runner if woven.

Other yarn options that I have are two that add some glitz and glamour; one is a silver grey with metallic thread and the other is a nice autumn orange shade, also with metallic thread.  Either, I think would make lovely shawls for someone looking to dress up an outfit.

Both are mixed fibres, and are lightweight, perfect for the job.  I also have some beads that I could add, certainly to the orangey coloured yarn.

Alternatively, I might make another Granny square baby blanket.  I made this one a little while back and love the pastel colours.  I might have enough of the same yarn but in different colours for a second.  And as I don’t know anyone with a baby due soon, these could then make their way to the local maternity ward as a donation.

So, tomorrow morning I need to have made my decision so that I can pack what I need; yarn, hook and pattern.  Hopefully, I shall have something finished and ready to share with you by the end of the weekend.

Have a lovely rest of the week.


2 thoughts on “A Crochet Conundrum

  1. My car is always stuffed with loads of different craft projects when I go away in this country, as I can never make u my mind what to take with me. Looking at your ‘About’ page I see we follow so many of the same blogs. Fun! Happy crocheting, happy hols!

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