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What to do?

Over the past week, I had planned to start weaving. However, last weekend, ready and able, could I find my warping peg? If you weave you know it’s pretty key to setting up your loom.

I searched high and low, but couldn’t find it. So, the weekday starts and not weaving to show for the weekend.

Come this weekend, ready to start again, but just need to find that darn peg! Checked all the drawers and cupboards, nothing. Thought to check some still packed boxes on the off chance.

And lo and behold… nothing int he box, but there they were on the windowsill. How I had missed these until then, I don’t know.

Byway, I got to warping at last, using those lovely Pantone Colour of the Year yarns.

The light grey looks almost blue in this picture.

And ready to go. This will be a table runner when done. The pattern I’m doing is Log Cabin. This is the one that produces an interesting 3D effect on flat weave, simply by changing the order of warp and weft at specific points. In this case every 15th and 7th.

It’s such an interesting pattern because you can’t see the pattern when you are close up to the weave. But stand back it shows up.

Anyone for dinner?

Tonight’s dinner is a beef stew. It’s what I feel I need at the moment when the days are overcast and nights still draw in early.

Here’s my mix for dusting the the beef.

Flour, thyme, salt, pepper, sweet smoked paprika and a little celery salt.

And the finished meal which was delicious.

Now, the stew is lovely, but these No Suet Dumplings (SR Flour, butter, water) don’t work. They lack structure and fall apart easily. They look fine, but not a patch on dumplings with suet; vegetable or beef type.

I have enough here for four, so the remainder will go in the fridge for another nights dinner.

Have a great Sunday.

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