Stained Glass

Stained Glass ordered!!

I’ve finally gotten around to ordering a stained glass kit. It’s been on my list to do and I have checked a couple of sites. Indecision delayed me as I was debating getting stained glass or fused glass. In the end stained windows out.

It’s a little easier to do at home. While I could quite easily get a little kiln for the old microwave, it’s something else I would need to get practice with as I have only been in a course to make. The kiln part is done by the tutors.

Whereas with stained it’s all you from start to finish. Plus, I was checking out courses as I have a voucher still to use up, and all the stained glass days have gone, so I can now use the voucher on a fused glass day.

I picked up a kit from Tempsford Stained Glass. Normally it’s a 24 hour delivery but they called to advise the soldering iron were back in stock Wednesday. All being well, I can share an update with you Friday 😊.

Not sure what I shall make yet until I see the colours they send. It could end up being another sun catcher like my first one.

It’s all so exciting! 😁

11 thoughts on “Stained Glass ordered!!

  1. I’d love to have a go at this one day.
    I’ll be interested to hear whether you think the kit is enough on its own to learn or whether you need to go on a course too as you did.


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