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Friday Roundup #35-20

It’s been an odd week. I’ve wanted to work on loom, but I equally haven’t as well. I put this down to having something on the loom that I wasn’t fully invested in.

It’s the time when you have a WIP, and you want it done. But you just don’t have the energy to commit the time needed, even if it would be brief.

Unfortunately, weaving, if you have just one loom, you are stuck until you finish what’s on there. Crochet or knitting, you simply grab another set of needles or a new hook.

So, I pushed through and finished the work. It was very satisfying to cut it from the loom. The following pictures are the start, creating the draft, to warp, through to the end.

This one, I actually unpicked as I had done an extra section of 6 dark green picks.
Hanging on the line, although eventually I chucked it in the dryer.

The plan for this was two towels. My selvedges with the constant yarn changes, are a tad crap. Options are now:

  • Still to do towels but sew some bias binding or similar to the edges.
  • Get some heat resistant wadding and make some pan holders.
  • Any other suggestions?

The really frustrating part is that the two towels are a perfect match. Same size and I wasn’t measuring. Crap selvedges, but great balanced weave!! You can’t have everything. 😢

So I now have an empty loom and it needs a warp. Tomorrow I plan to add one. I think I’m going to add a scarf warp. Something quick and easy, no colour transitions, fast to make and quicker to get to the next project.

What’s driving the urgency, you may ask. My plans are to open a shop online. I am running out of people to make things for. And if I don’t sell things, I can’t make spaces to add something else. So, it seemed logical to sell things (hopefully) to feed this yarn habit and other crafts.

I’ve got my space, and started to add to it. I purchased a mannequin to dress for better pictures. Meet Stacey.

Stacey is modelling the latest creation, Baltic Sea Beach Shawl.

She doesn’t get out much, what with having three feet!

Well, more to come on the shop front when I am ready.

There’s not much else to say about this week. Roll on the weekend. Bank Holiday, the last before Christmas. Which seems terrifyingly close.

Have a good weekend.

6 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #35-20

  1. I do envy your Stacey, and that shawl looks gorgeous on her!
    I do like your towels – can’t quite see the selvedges, but what I think I’d do is tuck inside and seam, as the short edges, and no-one will ever know!

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