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Seaside and Shawl

Today, we have had a good walk around the town of Deauville. It is full of timbered buildings in and Anglo-Norman style (think mock Tudor) both old and new. A lot are really well kept, so we are left guessing how old some are. Deauville has a rich history of being a seaside resort for the rich and famous from Paris, with famous designers such as Chanel and others opening stores in the town.

We walked up to Villa Strassburger but you can only get a view in the house with a guided tour. Apparently this was built as a holiday home. Many of the houses around, even small ones have steep tiled roofs and over hangs. This building is located close to the large horse racecourse, a host for many popular equine events. The town is host for an American Film festival with many stars coming for the event, originally started in the mid 70’s.

A trip to the beach yesterday produced this lovely picture. Horse riding is permitted before 10am and after 7pm. A perfect beach for a gallop.

And then today, the wind picked up and it was a different story.

The haziness is the dry, fine golden sand picked up by a rogue gust that lasted at least few minutes as we could see it coming from the far end of the beach (see previous image) all the way down to the harbour end. I’m sure it took many by surprise, with it’s fine stinging sand.

The rest of today was spent exploring plus lunch and an Aperol Spritz. After picking up some supplies from Carrefour, we headed back to the gite. I tried to crochet, but although my feet were exhausted, my arms just weren’t in the mood either.

So, I napped. 😴

However, from a crochet standpoint, I am progressing well with two repeats complete and on to the third.

I have about two more zigzag sections before the colour change really takes effect. This yarn starts with three blue threads and one white, and it has yet to change to two blue and two white, but I expect it soon.

The light blue yarn down the centre is my marker. I neglected to check that I had some, so I am using the old yarn as a marker trick.

I’ll leave you with a picture of a sand castle.

There is something other-worldly about it, so much so, that it could have been dropped from any fantasy novel.

Catch up with you all soon.

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