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Wonderful Weekend Walking

A quick post to share some pictures from our walk this weekend.

I love walking through woodland, with a canopy green arching above, the sound of birdsong all around and the carpets of flower at your feet. I could easily sit, watch and listen.

Wild garlic en masse
We found this meadow dotted with orchids. Wish I caught them a week earlier.

I love the packed blooms of thistles. I don’t blame the Scottish claiming it as their flower.

It’s such an architectural plant.

We headed into another wood after this and it reminded me a lot of the fantasy fiction books I would read as a kid, about far away mystical lands. Check out this natural stone wall, covered in a dense carpet of moss.

I stuck my finger into it (Indiana Jones style) and it was a good finger plus thick. Zoom in and see it better. I see a face too. Do you see it?

Came across a lovely Periwinkle outside someone’s gate.

I took a sneaky cutting.
My favourite rose has started flowering; Gertrude Jekyll. It has an amazing scent. I have to smell it each time I go outside.

The view from our walk.

It wasn’t the best day, weather-wise. A bit chilly and quite windy. we live off to the right of this image.

I’ve brought an action camera because the other half wants a video he can watch when running on the treadmill on rainy days,

This put me in mind of some programmes the BBC did about a bus ride through the Yorkshire Dales (I think) and a canal boat ride. They are about an hour or more, and fascinating to watch. Real easy watching instead of easy listening.

I thought I might capture one of the walks on a sunny day. I’ll post it on the blog once done. Don’t worry though, it won’t be an hour or more like the BBC. More like 20 mins of highlights, scenery, birdsong, bleating lambs of our little bit of the Vale of Glamorgan.

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